Our Philosophy

Nature - We are trying to encourage as much wildlife as we can at Ffynnonofi. Much of Britain’s sheep farming uplands and coastal farms suffer from over grazing and lack of biodiversity. So we have started to plant native trees and encourage wild flowers and varieties of grasses that will attract insects and birds. 

So you won’t find too many neatly mowed lawns at Ffynnonofi. Although we always create areas of short grass around the cottages for kids to play on. 

Energy - We recently converted The Stables, Summerhouse, Coach House and Dairy to clean renewable energy. Our electricity is sourced from wind and bought from Ecotricity. Our logs are bought from sustainably managed local forests.  

We have installed eco meters in each cottage and ask our guests to pay for what they use. We think this is fair and have found that it encourages people to be careful and less wasteful. 

Food and Shopping - We try and encourage our guests to support the local community by buying what they can locally. There are some great local stores, market traders and now restaurants supplying local produce and it really makes a difference when visitors make the effort to seek them out.  

We have just built a small walled garden and hopefully will soon start providing our own vegetables and herbs for guests. And pizzas hopefully too!